Willow Creek Jeep Trail San Bernardino Mountains

Willow Creek Jeep Trail is located in the San Bernardino National Forest between Lake Silverwood and Lake Arrowhead in California. This Trail Is rated “easy to More Difficult” and crosses a few creeks including Willow Creek. On This trip we traveled West to East, mostly staying on 3N34 and ending at the Dishpan Springs trail head.
This trail follows one of the main routes through a popular OHV area in San Bernardino National Forest. Drivers can choose either an easy, roughly graded route or a more difficult route that encompasses portions of other 4WD trails in the region. The more difficult option travels on formed, weathered trails with some quite severe holes, ruts, and off-camber sections. Good wheel articulation is an advantage. Vehicles with less flexible suspensions will find themselves lifting wheels on occasion. These sections are rated blue in the OHV area. Special Attractions: Trail through a popular OHV area with a choice of an easy or moderately difficult route; Remains of Splinters Cabin; Access to hiking trailheads and fishing spots. High-clearance 4WDs are recommended, though most stock SUVs are acceptable. Expect a rough road surface with rocks larger than 6 inches, but there will be a reasonable driving line available. Patches of mud are possible but can be readily negotiated; sand may be deep and require lower tire pressures. There may be stream crossings up to 12 inches deep, substantial sections of moderately loose road surface.

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