Engine swap F-2F

Replacing my 1972 F with 2F – FJ40

June 27, 2014

Here are some recent pics. Hard-top will be coming off this weekend and bows/canvas will be going on.

April 16, 2014

Its all back together now and running. It sounds great to have it running again. I had an issue with the after market mechanical fuel pump from the F engine. The cam is not driving the pump arm fully, so I have had to install an electrical fuel pump with shut off for the interim. Once I tune/set-up the carb it will be back on the road after a long 2 year wait.

February 12, 2014

It has been way to cold to work on the engine. However, we had a warm day and I was able to get the 2F engine painted and some parts installed.

Modifications to make F parts fit 2F (so far):

  1. De-smog (remove and plug emission control injection nozzles) I used brass 1/2 hex plug (see pics)
  2. Engine mounting bracket holes from F engine will need to reamed to fit 2F block bolts.
  3. Exhaust manifold mounting holes will also need to be reamed.


January 22, 2014

The engine has arrived and looks decent. It has been way to cold to work on it; but from first glance it will need to cleaned (as expected), painted, emission control injection nozzles plugged, and all my F155 engine parts attached then installed. Stay tuned.

December 20th, 2013 The replacement engine should arrive in 2 weeks. I am going with a “more reliable” 2F for $100 more. I hate that its not original to my Cruiser but there are a lot of benefits to the 2F. Stay tuned for the arrival and install. I await the compression results.

December 16th to 20th 2013
Been on the phone with CruiserParts.net this week and sent them a couple of emails. Want to discus the warranty. Haven’t heard back……. Will keep you posted.

December 7th 2013

The F155 engine finally arrived from CruiserParts.net for my 1972 FJ40, with no major issues except being held at the border for a day, and I got on to it straight away. Everything was sounding very hopeful for this F engine as it had ok compression results. I did notice signs of rust flaking in the oil filler neck (located on the side) at first glance which made me nervous . As most of you know it takes 3-4 days to install the engine completely, so lets get started:

It was mild enough and with my propane heater going I was able to strip off all the oily gunge and paint the block. I started the process of taking everything of the “dead” F155 engine and transferring it over to the “new” one. Pulled the oil pan and removed the thick tar-like oil/water mix that was sitting at the bottom. Again seeing sings of rust on the inside of this thing makes me nervous.
3 days later (watch the time lapse COMING SOON of the install) the engine is clean inside and out, installed, nuts/bolts torqued and electrical tested. Everything is ready to go except I cant find a stupid oil pan gasket.

One week later, after sourcing and picking up the last oil pan gasket in Canada (apparently), I crawl under the LandCruiser (-15C/10F) and re-install the oil pan with gasket. I fill it up with oil and get it primed. I double check the valve gaps (temporarily set cold for first time start-up), and adjust the distributor statically.

Ok, lets fire this thing up. With a few other things adjusted I turn the key and BAM, it starts right up and idles with a little adjustment to the choke.
It seems to be smoking quite a bit after the 10mins.

And there is another seized engine. FML.

November 2013

So… I had my F155 Land Cruiser (FJ40) engine overhauled last summer – 2012 . It blew a bearing and seized on my at the beginning of summer. I am guessing because of this. 4 months later and a lot of nagging to get it complete, as I was leaving the country for a year and had to drive it storage, I finally got it back 1 week before we left. I installed the engine (2-3 day process) and I saw a few things wrong with it. ie incorrect bolts reinstalled on it, oil leaking from the timing cover and a few other little things. Didn’t think too much of it, as the guy who did the job was recommended to me by a reputable mechanic and said he would fix the minor issues when I returned… Land Cruiser parked in dry storage…

1 year later. Back from our trip. ps. see the video smash up here of Toyota Land Cruisers from around the world.

I plan to start the Toyota Land Cruiser and drive it home for some summer fun.
The engine started up first try.. Awesome.. Then the worst noise ever.!!!!! GHJSKGZUTWUT!@@1687#!&SGJHSJH grrrrrunk. The hault. Tried to turn it again…. Nothing. Tried to crank it by hand.. Nothing.. Couldn’t move it.

Was it the starter that was stuck? Did the flywheel slip off. Was the alternator seized. NO NO and NO.
Why do I see coolant under the valve cover? FU$% me…. Drop the oil pan.
Why do I see shards of metal coming out from the new bearings?…. What the F%CK.
F&ckin mechanic. Call him and explain the situation. He gives me a load of BS about what happened. blaa blaa blaa.

So he says he will fix/repair it. I just need to pay for a new gasket kit and main bearings. Ok. I am fine with that. I have the parts rushed and delivered to his door. tick tock tick tock…

1 month goes by.. “Any news? hows it coming?”… “I am sick will get to it soon”….
tick tock tick tock…
Anyway, 2 more months go by with 1000 more excuses. Find out hes leaving the area for 7 months and wont get to it before he leaves……. SH(^ FU%^ Ba((s F&*K and so on…
Finally, after getting majorly pissed off. I drive over and pick up my F engine, in pieces, spread around the shop, with dog food and hair all over it.

And now here we are… Ordered a tested and working engine. At least I will be able to drive it next summer…

Now I am waiting for it to arrive. I will slap on all the components and fire it up, drive it to storage again, and count the days until the snow is gone and I can get it back on the road.