My TLC Story

Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration project – Here is a gallery of my 1972 FJ40 restoration. The selected restoration photos are over a 3.5 year build up.

Back in 2007, I finally found my FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser restoration project. It was in pretty rough shape with lots of strange??? modifications and rust/rot. The project took about 3.5 years to “complete”. See the photo galleries below for the different phases of the restoration. I tried to put them in order as best as possible.
Parts were ordered from all over Canada and the USA (new and used). Feel free to click on a photo to comment or ask questions.

If you want to see a cool video of my restoration (taking 2:46sec) click here.

I will try and add more details and descriptions to the photos as time goes on.

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser “The New (USED) F155 engine)”

The Engine Project – Here is the story of why I have to buy a second engine…Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Restoration?

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser “The Project”

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 sold

The FJ40 Project – Here is the gallery containing the photos of when I found the project and towed it home. Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Tear-Down and strip to chassis

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration teardown

The FJ40 Tear-Down – Here is the gallery showing the tear-down and stripping the body off. Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Chassis and Drive Restoration

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration Chassis and drive

FJ40 Chassis and Drive – Strip, clean, remove rust, repair damage, new steel from the chassis. Repair damaged and worn drive components. Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Body Work and Preparation

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration body & paint

FJ40 Body work and preparation – Strip, replace steel with new, prime, test fit… test fit… test fit, cut-grind-weld. Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Interior Restoration

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration interior

FJ40 Interior restoration – This is when I replaced fabric, foam, fixed springs, installed/test-fit seats and other components. Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Engine Work

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration engine F

FJ40 Engine work – Here is the clean up and restoration. Engine did not need much work…Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.

FJ40 Paint Job and Rebuild

Toyota Land Cruiser restoration paint

FJ40 Paint Job and Rebuild – Finally – I finally sent it out for paint. Dune Beige T416 (colour code). Then I start the task of putting it back together. Good thing I did all those test fits…Toyota Land Cruiser Restoration.