Ferndale South Africa

There are 4 routes to choose from (grading 3 – 5). 1. Ferndale Scenic Circle Route – easy 18.7km drive – look out for over 130 bird species. 2. Redcone Route – moderate 19km drive – traverses a stream 13 times.
3. Ferndale Wild Route – is a steep & tight 14.5km ride for adrenalin junkies, joining the new “Underberg” road. Diff-lock is recommended. 4. Ferndale Diff-lock Alley – 11.5km drive leading onto the new “Underberg” road. Diff-lock is essential.

These trails offer varying degrees of difficulty. Each trail is cleverly laid out to facilitate the best views possible. The Scenic Circle Route, is a leisurely 18.7km scenic drive across some of the highest peaks in the Henderson Heights range (it boasts a new optional canyon detour). Redcone Route, a moderate 19km drive, loops between mountain ranges and traverses a stream 13 times.The Wilder Route, is a steep, tight 14.5km drive high up on the Vuture’s Krans. It’s designed specifically for adrenalin junkies who want to test their vehicles. Diff-lock is recommended. Diff-lock Alley, the newest addition, is an 11.5km trail. Butch has also recently added a play pit designed specifically to test the skills of the more experienced driver.

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