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Willow Creek Jeep Trail San Bernardino Mountains

Willow Creek Jeep Trail is located in the San Bernardino National Forest between Lake Silverwood and Lake Arrowhead in California. This Trail Is rated “easy to More Difficult” and crosses a few creeks including Willow Creek. On This trip we traveled West to East, mostly staying on 3N34 and ending at the Dishpan Springs trail […]

Lingham Lake – Hydro Lines

The Lingham Lake trail follows the hydro cut from Hwy 62 to Hwy 41. This can be a full day event if you explore the area. This trail is long, rocky, but doable with stock vehicle with opportunities to play on large and small rocks along the way. One very long smooth steep rock face […]

Cruiser Bruzer leg2 – Burrows Lake

The second section gets more difficult&fun, rocks, more water mud ect. Gets more difficult further on. This is near Burrows Lake and Port Severn, Severn Falls, Big Chute.


This is near Verkhniy Avzyan, Башкортостан (Россия) Trail distance: 16.5 miles. Elevation min: 1,374 feet, max: 4,180 feet. Accum. height uphill: 3,891 feet, downhill: 1,243 feet. This is not a loop.

Estrada Fazenda Cerro Corá

This trail is near Sidrolândia, Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. Trail distance: 16.66 miles. Elevation min: 942 feet, max: 1,887 feet Accum. height uphill: 1,306 feet, downhill: 1,020 feet. Does not ends at start point.

Brule Lake Dunes

This trail leads through a region of sand dunes along the “easy” shore of Brule Lake. The dunes are constantly changing due to the rain, wind, weather ect. The trail is about 50kms. Months to ride: May through October.

Crag Lake

To get to this trail head, enter at the the hydro cut just off of hwy 65/508. The road down the hydro/power line cut, to the Crag Lake turn-off is dusty, rough and lumpy. The trail crosses a beaver pond and climbs through the forest to reach a lake at the top of the hill. […]

Killer Lake

Killer Lake trail can be accessed from hydro line north of Bon Echo Provincial Park. The trail winds south from the hydro line to Killer Lake. Killer Lake is about 3 hours in and 3 hours out with low water levels.

Empire Cienega Resource Area

Not rated.

Indian Run Rd

Just south of Coolville. Its not to difficult of a trail and can be done in 2-WD for the most part. There are some 4-WD sections if you want to get muddy. Don’t take the bypasses. Go up the road and at the top of the hill it levels out and has a few dead-end […]